Court Supervision


  • Court supervision is a sentencing option in the State of Illinois which is available in traffic, misdemeanor and municipal ordinance cases.
  • A sentence of court supervision follows a plea of guilty in a traffic, misdemeanor, or municipal ordinance case.
  • Imposition of a sentence of court supervision is solely within the discretion of the judge.

How it works

Court supervision is a period of good behavior, usually three (3) to twenty-four (24) months in length, during which certain conditions must be met:

  • No law of any jurisdiction can be violated.
  • Fines and court costs may be imposed.
  • Public service work may be ordered.
  • Other conditions may be imposed as the judge sees fit.

If the conditions are not fulfilled

  • The state will file a Petition to Revoke the court supervision.
  • The judge can resentence the offender to anything up to the maximum allowed by statute.

Successful Completion of Court Supervision

  • The case is dismissed.
  • A record of the proceedings is kept by the Clerk of the Court.


  • The record can usually be expunged; sometimes, there is a waiting period.
  • Government agencies such as the FBI and USCIS/ICE are not subject to an order of expungement; their records will remain.

Especially for International Students

  • A sentence of court supervision may not prevent removal proceedings, Visa cancellation or other adverse consequences to status.
  • Expungement may not be advisable; consult an attorney who specializes in immigration before undertaking that process.


Please note: Expungement does not remove all traces of your arrest or case. Background checks and U.S. federal agency checks find or will have access to the information, including fingerprints. The information does not "go away." Anything that goes on the internet is "forever."

The information contained herein is not intended as a substitute for legal advice. Students who are confronted with legal problems or who need specific advice are encouraged to seek assistance from a Student Legal Services attorney or another licensed attorney


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